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Supervising Sasuke's recovery, Zetsu told him to be patient when asked if his bandages could be removed, remarking that when he did regain his sight it would be to a different world. Tobi declared that he was tired of hiding, and explained that they needed to speed up the " Eye of the Moon Plan ". Believing itself to be the progenitor of the shinobi history, Black Zetsu thinks very highly of itself, and grew angry at Naruto for even daring to touch it, believing him to be unworthy to do so.

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In order to set the Eye of the Moon Plan in motion, Black Zetsu rewrote Hagoromo's Stone tablet so that Madara would find it and become an unknowing pawn. Beginnings by konyah Fandoms:

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With the goal of manifesting a Rinnegan in one of its pawns, Black Zetsu even orchestrated the Uchiha and Senju clan 's extensive rivalry.


The two end up befriending Naruto, too. White Zetsu agreed that money was important, however Black Zetsu stated finding the next one was much more important. While it and White Zetsu sometimes had differing opinions, the two halves were still able to function as a single entity.

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I don't think so.. She wishes she could take it back. After Sasori and Deidara were defeated, Zetsu and Tobi were sent to retrieve their rings, and dispose of their corpses. Retrieved from " http: After Obito finally dispersed into dust, Black Zetsu openly expressed his relief in Obito's passing.

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  1. Dismayed in agreeing, Kaguya then launches a a jagged bone barrage on Naruto that impales him and starts to crumble. In actuality, however, its true loyalties were kept secret from nearly everyone, including Madara himself.