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Mostly the norm in drow society, which sees the roles of fathers as more or less being business transactions with Vals in particular choosing mates to gain access to certain rare or desired bloodline abilities and little else, though there are exceptions where the father plays a role in the upbringing of the child like with Zala'ess' mate Sabbror and the Beldrobbaen clan, who have a tradition of turning their children's fathers into driders to serve as the child's protectors, and the Ill'hardro who teach their children who their fathers are to encourage trade between clans.

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Chel'el'Sussoloth's political scene is a major driving force behind the events of the story. Commented Jun 17, by anonymous. I think I was just pooing slightly is all. The easiest and most common attack for a fae to use. For instance, Chirinide's father is still a light elf and Ariel is still the child of Mel and Zhor but specific events may have played out differently with the same results.

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