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Sasuke starts recalling memories he blocked out, things Itachi said, and occurrences that make more sense with Tobi's version of events. Although he often did this without being seen, he often left subtle hints that he was responsible. Sasuke loses consciousness from the application and by the time he wakes up the preliminaries are already over.

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Although publicly regarded as a hero for his role in the war, Sasuke feels that his crimes and imperfections out weigh anything heroic he has ever done. Chojuro considers Kagura his right hand.

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Seems to be in a relationship with, or is at least very close with Shizuma.

Naruto Uzumaki

When they arrive at the exam hall, Sasuke first uses his Sharingan to dispel a genjutsu intended to discourage unqualified genin and then agrees to spar with Rock Lee. While drawing, errors and mishaps commonly result in Sasuke's youthful appearance being lost, a result of Kishimoto's inexperience in drawing characters mature beyond their years.

Sasuke tries to forfeit their scroll in exchange for their lives, but Naruto, upon locating them, stops him, believing Sasuke may also be an enemy ninja in disguise because the Sasuke he knows would never surrender. Madara confronts them and insists that he has ended all conflicts and that only Team 7, as the only remaining opposition, would seek to renew the cycle of death that plagued the world for centuries, which Sasuke retorts that Madara is disillusioned. The volleys of attacks quickly spill outside, where Sasuke and Itachi compare their Great Fireballs.

  1. According to Naruto, the stronger an opponent is, the more effective this technique would be in creating an opening because they would be expecting an actual technique and will be momentarily confused, leaving an opening. Sasuke goes in by himself and finds Itachi waiting for him.